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It's been awhile... [13 Jun 2009|07:27pm]

Is anybody out there still interested in this community?
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Challenge #27 [27 Mar 2007|08:46pm]

The winner of the poll was black and white.
These pictures are from Harper's Bazaar magazine, 2003.

Challenge #27: black and whiteCollapse )

- You may submit up to FOUR icons, one per picture.
- No animation, no blending between the images.
- Deadline shall be Sunday, April 1st.


Challenge #26 Winner [23 Mar 2007|07:31pm]

Wow, we had one person win every place! Congrats to you! And thank you to everyone who participated, this was a great challenge.

RESULTSCollapse )

If the winner would like banners, drop a comment! :)

The next challenge will be up later!
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Voting extension [16 Mar 2007|06:23pm]

We have some ties, if you haven't voted please - Vote here -!

Voting reminder! [14 Mar 2007|02:59pm]

Voting ends late tonight!

-- Vote here --

Challenge #26 Voting [07 Mar 2007|10:47pm]

> Please comment on this post with your favorite THREE icons, in order.
> Voting will be closed Wednesday, March 14th.
> Do not vote anonymously and do not vote for yourself.

* Also, vote for the kind of image you would like to icon next. Include the vote to the poll in your comment.

VoteCollapse )
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Reminder! [06 Mar 2007|04:42pm]

We've gotten some awesome entries so far.. can we get any more? The challenge ends tomorrow!

Challenge #26: Chicago

Banners! [02 Mar 2007|03:33pm]

Banners are done! Let me know when you pick yours up.

BANNERSCollapse )

And don't forget to enter the current challenge.. Challenge #26: Chicago
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Challenge #26! [28 Feb 2007|06:26pm]

The winner of the poll was... Chicago!

Challenge #26: ChicagoCollapse )

Winners! [26 Feb 2007|10:41pm]

Challenge #25 Winners

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to those who participated!

WinnersCollapse )

The next challenge will be up within the next few days.
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