J è ñ Ñ ï ƒ Ê ® (czj_n_deppfan) wrote in czj_stillness,
J è ñ Ñ ï ƒ Ê ®


Challenge #25 Winners

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to those who participated!

1st Place:
by chocolatepot

2nd Place:
by tickingtimeless

3rd Place:
by aglaiya

I know aglaiya would like a banner.. if the other winners would like a banner, let me know!
Btw, I have a new computer and don’t have the same program I used to make things. I’m not very used to the ones I have now, so hopefully the banners will turn out ok! ^_^ If anyone would like to volunteer to make banners, that'd be great.. if not I'll try to get them made.

The next challenge will be up within the next few days.
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i'd love one if it's not too late. :) thanks!!
Thanks for voting.
I would like a banner, please. Thank you!