J è ñ Ñ ï ƒ Ê ® (czj_n_deppfan) wrote in czj_stillness,
J è ñ Ñ ï ƒ Ê ®

Challenge #26 Winner

Wow, we had one person win every place! Congrats to you! And thank you to everyone who participated, this was a great challenge.

1st Place:
by elphabesbian

2nd Place:
by elphabesbian

3rd Place:
by elphabesbian

If the winner would like banners, drop a comment! :)

The next challenge will be up later!
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wow! that's cool! thank you so much! =D
(i'd love a banner if it's not too much trouble)
Here you go..

Great job! ^_^
thanks! :)